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Standards et librairies ouverts pour l'animation et le jeu vidéo

Présentation en anglais par Bill POLSON, directeur de la stratégie industrielle chez Pixar Animation Studios, et Erik NOREKE, consultant spécialisé en technologie (software et hardware) et membre du Khronos Group.

Quoi ?
Quand ? 05/11/2013
du 04:00 pm au 05:30 pm
Où ? IRCAM, salle Stravinsky
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Le développement de l'informatique s'est largement fait en s'appuyant sur des standards, qu'ils soient fermés ou ouverts. L'infographie et le multimédia n'ont pas échappé à la règle.

Paris ACM SIGGRAPH en association avec l'Ircam et le CNRS, a organisé une conférence sur le thème des standards et librairies ouverts dans l'industrie de l'animation et du jeu vidéo.





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Bill POLSON Biography

He is responsible for Pixar's relationships with the graphics community, including software vendors and other studios. He is active in promoting industry standards and in guiding various software vendors' roadmaps. He is also active in SIGGRAPH, and serves as a Director on both the 2010 and 2011 committees, and is the founder of the new program SIGGRAPH Dailies!

Bill has had numerous roles in 14 years at Pixar, including :

 - Three years as Director of Pipeline and Lead of Production Engineering, responsible for the overall strategic plan for for the filmmaking pipeline. 

 - Six years as Supervising Technical Director of Short Films. In this role he was responsible for the technical plan for all short films, and directly supervised all technical work, including modeling and shading for both sets and characters, cinematography, special effects, lighting, rendering, and compositing. Bill supervised this work on seven short films -- including the Oscar nominees Mike's New Car, Boundin, One Man Band, and Lifted -- as well as more than a dozen commercials, Disney theme park rides, and other short subjects.

 - Two years as Supervising TD for Pixar University, where he developed curriculum and trained newly hired Pixar TDs. Over a two year period more than 100 TDs went through Bill's 10 week, full time, hands-on class.

 Bill joined Pixar in 1996. He worked on A Bug's Life (effects, shading, lighting), For The Birds (character rigging), and Toy Story 2 (effects) before moving on to various leadership roles. Prior to joining Pixar, Bill worked as an independent software engineer in the graphics industry.


Erik NOREKE Biography 

Mr. Noreke is a Technology Visionary, drawing from his vast experience in 3D-related technologies to build long term business and development strategies. He serves as the VP of Business Development for the Khronos Group, where he has chaired the working groups OpenSL ES since 2008 and OpenMAX AL since 2011. He is also the Executive Director of the PC Gaming Alliance.

Since 1983, he has been involved in creating a wide variety of computer technologies in various applications. The list includes video games, logistics and GIS systems for the defense industry and large scale programing environments. In 2006 he shifted his expertise to mobile technologies, with a focus on 3D and multimedia.

He currently works as an independent consultant to companies in the mobile industry. There, he helps his clients to maximize benefit from participation in the development and use of industry standards. In 2010, he set up the 3D Audio Alliance, and he served on the board until 2013.